How To Stop Selling Time for Money As a Coach

Stop me if you’ve heard this before…

“Stop selling your time for money”

I trust you said “stop” 😉

Because if you’ve been in the coaching space for any amount of time…

You’ve certainly heard this or maybe you’re the one preaching it.

Whatever the case may be, I wholeheartedly agree..

.. with a caveat.

You see, not everyone is at the same level in their business.

So instead of asking yourself how to stop selling time for money…

You first want to ask yourself “when is a good time to stop selling time for money?”

Because it’s important to get your reps in as a coach, and that won’t come without selling some time.

I go over how to get to this level on this week’s episode of the Expert Edge as well as my Market to Message model which once you understand it, it will allow you to understand why your course or program isn’t selling & what to do about it. 

One of the secrets to stopping selling time for money is to know the Market to Message Model™.

This model will show you how to launch a leveraged group program or course (without hearing crickets after you make your offer).

There are 4 levels to the model that you must understand.

Level 1: Broad message to a broad market

This is bad. You’ll surely struggle to sell your course if you have a broad message to a broad market. An example of this might be: A life coach for people who want to improve their life.

If someone can’t immediately say “that’s me” to your message, then it’s too broad.

Level 2: Broad market & a narrow message

This is a little bit better than level 1 but it’s still not going to get you the results you want. An example of this might be: A funnel builder for entrepreneurs.

Level 3: Broad message to a very narrow market

This is a bit better and you can launch group coaching, courses and masterminds effectively at this level. But you can still do better. An example of this might be: Business growth for pet photography studios.

Level 4: Narrow message to a narrow market

This is the best and this is where you’ll be able to easily move your products. An example of this might be: How to build high converting presentations for coaches and course creators. (that’s my focus 🙂

If you want the full breakdown of each level as well as how to stop selling time for money…

Make sure you tune in to the episode!

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Colin ‘No More Time For Money’ Boyd

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