How to run a $73,000 Beta Offer w/ Jessica Hughes

Can you imagine how it would feel to generate $73,000 on the first offer you ever made?

Well, that’s exactly what my amazing Sell From Stage Student Jessica Hughes did recently.

And the even crazier part…

When she originally joined, she had NO offer and NO audience.

I just interviewed her on the Expert Edge and asked her the hard questions around how she achieved such success…so quickly (and with no audience).

>>>Listen to the iTunes podcast episode right here

If you previously thought you needed an audience or a successful offer already to make big money quickly, think again.

Jessica’s story is soooo inspiring.

And if you want access to the EXACT system that took Jess from NO OFFER and NO AUDIENCE to making close to 6-figures in a short few weeks, then you’ve only got under 24 hours to decide to join.

Plus, I’ve made it easier than EVER with the new 12 easy pay installment plan.

So you can get started right now and make back your whole investment sooner than you can believe!!!

Hope to see you soon.

Colin ‘Big Beta Offers’ Boyd

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