How to Reward Your Staff Without Spending a Cent

In today’s video, we’ll be talking about how you can reward your staff without spending a cent.

Reward Your Staff Without Spending a Cent

I want to talk about how you can show appreciation to your staff, because I don’t know about you, but if you work in the workforce, which I’m trusting you do as a manager, at some level and at some point in your life you may not have felt appreciated fully.

I’m curious to know how on some level you’re actually appreciating your staff.

Have you ever received something like a “Hey, good job”? Or, “Thanks for that, Jack.” Or, “Hey, that was great.”

It’s nice, right?

But what if you could actually deliver an appreciation that truly hit the mark and drove massive value into their world and into their life?

I was coaching a manager the other day. I’ve been coaching people for years now and done thousands of hours, and what I’ve discovered is that every single human being needs to feel appreciated. And the great thing about this is that there’s a two-step process that I want to share with you about how you can appreciate your staff on a whole new level. The two-step appreciation goes like this…

The 2-Step Appreciation Process

Part 1A. Say their name.

You say, “Hey, [insert their name].”

Part 1B. Specify the specific thing they did.

Next, you say the specific thing that they did. You might say, “Hey, Jack, thanks so much for handing in that report the other day. It was really detailed and it hit the mark in terms of the audience that we’re really focusing on.

Part 2. Acknowledge the value.

This is where you go to a whole new level. This is where you acknowledge the value that they chose through doing that specific task.

Let me give you an example: “Hey, Jack, thanks so much for handing in that report the other day. It was really detailed and it hit the mark in terms of the audience that we’re really focusing on. But you know what, even more than that, your level of professionalism in that report is something that I really want to acknowledge.”

So what I’ve done is, I’ve said the task, which is nice, but I’ve gone kind of 2.0 version. I’ve said, “the value that you chose was professionalism.” It might be integrity, it might be honesty, it might be commitment. Whatever it is, just choose a value and say “That’s what I really want to acknowledge.”

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