How To Overcome The Fear Of Speaking

Just the thought of public speaking makes most people…

Weak in the knees!

In fact, most people are more scared of public speaking than…


I can certainly relate…

One of the very first times I took the stage, I was shaking so much that…

I had to hold the microphone with both hands to try and stop my self throwing into the audience!

So you may be wondering how I went from, literally shaking in my boots…

…To speaking on stages all around the world and teaching others how to do the same.

I’ll give you a sneak peek of 3 powerful strategies below that allowed me to overcome this fear (which I elaborate on during this week’s episode of the Expert Edge)…

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Anyways, here are 3 strategies to help overcome your fear of public speaking…

1.Decide That You Want It

Most coaches say they want to be better speakers but when you look at their life and the actions they take – it doesn’t align. One major reason there isn’t alignment might be because you may not feel it’s your purpose.

Here are 3 quick questions you can ask to see if you align (if you answer yes, then you are aligned)

  1. Do you have a message you want to bring to the world?
  2. Do you want to help people with your passion?
  3. Would you like to make money doing your passion as your business?

2. Ask Confidence-Based Questions

What you tell yourself impacts how you feel and how you feel impacts how you perform.

So in order to shift how you feel before speaking, you need to ask yourself the right questions. Usually we ask self related questions like, “what if I mess up” “what if they don’t like me” etc..

Instead ask confidence based questions like “how can I contribute to help this audience grow?” “how can I serve at a greater level?”

3. Understand that your focus creates your feelings

Shift your focus from self to service. When you shift to service you will feel more grateful, confident, etc.. opposed to feeling overwhelmed and anxious

For the full breakdown of each strategy to overcome your fear of public speaking…

Make sure you catch this episode!

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Colin ‘No Longer Shaking’ Boyd

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