How to overcome a failed webinar attempt (and have success)

The other day I walked down the stairs from my office and my daughter, Georgia, who is 7 years old,  asked me….

“Dad, can we create a zip line in the lounge room?”

After some careful consideration, I thought this was a brilliant idea!

Initially, my job was to stand on one side of the lounge room holding the zip line while she pulled a small toy along it.

(As you picture this in your mind, I know you’re thinking ‘Wow, Colin must be incredible at this job’ and yes, I was 🙂

The problem was it wasn’t running very smoothly.

She started to get frustrated with the zip line.

So I asked her “What could you do to make this work how you want it?”

She came up with the idea of getting a metal ring that the zip line would run on and then attaching a string to the ring that she could pull.

Absolutely brilliant!

The second attempt worked a bit better. The toy ran along the zip line quite smoothly, but it also hit the end and exploded!

She seemed frustrated again with these results.

So I said,  “What could you do to make this work how you want it?”

And she came up with the idea of putting a pillow at the bottom of the zip line.

This third execution worked perfectly.

We both celebrated!

And I felt very fulfilled knowing that I had been a small part in her zip line mastery.

And this got me thinking about how so often Experts and Coaches give up on their webinars and virtual presentations after the first time they deliver them.

Maybe you didn’t have as many people as you wished to show up, maybe not many people bought, or maybe no one bought.

Note: I have an old online course, that I don’t sell anymore. When I first launched it I only sold 1 on my first webinar to 600 registrations! Then I went on to make over $2.4million on that same product in the next 3 years.

Just because you haven’t got the results you’ve wanted so far, has nothing to do with whether you’ll get it in your future.

I want you to ask yourself “What could you do to get the result you want?”

And… “How would you act right now, if you knew the result was already guaranteed in your future?”

There are 3 things that have helped me…

1.Having mental grit to get up and try again (this is sooo key)

2.Asking myself better quality questions when I’m stuck

3.Using proven techniques that work and having a supportive community that cheers me on when I fall.

If you feel like you’re at a plateau in your Expert business or you’re not getting the results you want I’d encourage you to get back up one more time and give it to go.

Kinds Regards,

Colin “Zipline Sensai” Boyd

P.s. This week I interviewed one of my students and Marketing experts Laura Higgins, all about how to create marketing that really connects with your perfect audience. 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The one thing that most coaches don’t do enough of in their marketing (this commonly overlooked strategy can make you money in the next 24 hours)
  • How to create a lead magnet that doesn’t just get you leads…but also generates sales
  • Exactly what you need to be doing ‘in between’ your launches so that your list and audience grows and therefore when you launch again, you actually scale your business

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