How To Live Congruent With Your Values w/ Dr. John Demartini

There’s one main thing that stops coaches (and people in general) from reaching their goals.

It has nothing to do with their education, or their business challenges, or their financial situation…

Can you guess what it is?

It’s the fact that they aren’t living congruently with their highest values.

If I look back at my career…

I can plainly see that the goals that I didn’t accomplish were not aligned with my highest values. 

They felt forced and I always need external accountability to get them done.

Instead, the goals that felt aligned, didn’t require any ‘motivation’ to accomplish, because I was naturally motivated to achieve them. 

So that right there is a simple way to tell if a goal is congruent with your values…

I had the privilege of interviewing a true legend in personal development Dr. John Demartini on the Expert Edge Podcast this week.

My guest on this week’s podcast, the Dr. John Demartini, is a leading expert in the field of human performance.

We got really granular and broke down the power of living congruently with your values…

To give you a higher-level sneak peek, he looks at values in 1 of 2 ways:

1. Low Values

Every time you do low-value stuff, you are actually deprioritizing yourself. 

How do you know if something is low value? You are spending time on things that require a lot of external motivation to get them done. 

2. High Values

Every time you do high-value stuff, you are actually prioritizing yourself and allowing yourself to maximize your potential. 

How do you know if something is high value? You need no real external motivation to get them done, the drive is intrinsic and happens with least resistance. 

These are just 1 of about 5 concepts that we discussed in this week’s episode.

This was a fantastic episode so if you like the idea of working effortlessly towards your goals, head on over to one of the links below and take a listen now!

>>> ALL PODCAST PLATFORMS: Episode 171 | How To Live Congruent With Your Values/w Dr. John Demartini

>>> iTunes ONLY: Episode 171 | How To Live Congruent With Your Values/w Dr. John Demartini

Colin ‘Living Congruently’ Boyd

P.S. Dr Demartini took me through an exercise that literally blew my mind, live on the episode! It’s how to actually shift your life so that you live by your highest values 100% of the time (he lives this and shows you how to do it, it’s worth listening just for this process)

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