How to Grow your Expert Business in a Challenging Season

Are you going through a challenging season in your life or business?

Running a personal brand or Expert business can be one of the toughest types of businesses to run while going through a difficult season.

If you aren’t careful, your confidence, focus and energy can disappear which means your business will dry up very quickly.

My wife and I have been through some pretty tough seasons… including overcoming cancer, major surgeries, starting and closing businesses, moving countries, and many more and we are coming up to a 15th wedding anniversary!!!

Crazy, I know!

Despite all of these challenges I genuinely feel like our marriage, business, and life has become stronger.

We wanted to share with you three practical strategies that have helped us to successfully navigate a business, life, and kids through difficult times.

And I’m not just talking about surviving, I mean thriving.

In fact, in the last 12 months with all of the challenges going on globally and in our personal lives (which you’ll learn about below) we’ve managed to grow our business significantly.

We’ve added hundreds of thousands to our revenue this past 12 months!

On The Expert Edge Podcast this week I’m revealing the 3 Lessons that you can apply in your business to ensure that it grows even if you’re in a difficult season.

—>>> Listen to How to Grow Your Expert Business In a Challenging Season w/ Sarah and Colin Boyd

In this week’s episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to regain your personal power and confidence if you’ve lost it… this little trick can be the difference between feeling helpless or hopeful
  • Why transitioning out of a difficult season can be more hazardous than going into one (and the one strategy that can make this process easy as pie)
  • The secret to pivoting your message and business successfully without losing any momentum or income
  • You’ll walk away from this podcast with some really practical strategies to use right away to improve your Expert business and even your home life!

If you are currently going through a challenging season in your life or business then make sure to dial into this episode today, right now.

—>>> Click here to listen to How to Grow Your Expert Business In a Challenging Season w/ Sarah and Colin Boyd

Colin “Thrive in the current times” Boyd

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