How to Get Your Team to Listen to You

stock-footage-employees-listening-intently-to-their-ceo-presenting-a-reviewJust recently, I spoke with a client who runs a team of ten people, and they said that they felt like their team wasn’t listening to their ideas. After a short conversation, I discovered it wasn’t necessarily the quality of ideas that was the problem, but it was how they were sharing their ideas.

One of the biggest communication mistakes that managers make is, they forget to sell before they tell.

You need to teach your people to want to hear your idea. Just because they’re physically in the room doesn’t mean they’re listening. The key to getting your team to listen to your ideas is to sell your idea before you tell your idea.

Here are three ways you can do this:

1. Share a contrast. Talk about the benefits of the idea and the negative impacts of not doing the idea, before you actually share what the idea is.

2. Share a case study of a company or a person who has implemented the idea, and the impact of this, before you share the idea.

3. Share a simple personal story about how you used the idea and how you think it might be relevant to them.

Make sure you sell your idea before you tell your idea. Next time you head into a management meeting, think: Why is this idea important to them? How can I sell before I tell?




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