How to Get More from Your Day Using Energy Pockets

flowBeing aware of the highest productive points in your day can be the difference between mass implementation and mass procrastination.

A theory which is called the Circadian rhythm suggests that there is a rhythm to how nature works. I believe that there is also a rhythm to how your energy works.

In your day, you have specific pockets of energy. How your energy flows through the day will depend on where those pockets sit. For me, I know that my high pockets of energy are at 9am – 10:30am, 11am – 12pm, and 4pm – 5pm. So I am ruthless in ensuring that I do high-dollar value activities during those times.

Here are 4 points for implementing high-energy pockets in your day:

1. Have a think about where the energy high points are in your day.
2. Write down on a piece of paper when those points sit.
3. Be ruthless in protecting those high points of energy.
4. Make sure you install high-quality activities during those high points of energy.


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