How To Get Leads Who Actually Want To Buy

Most lead magnets give you poor-quality leads.

I’m sure you’ve heard of a lead magnet before, it’s usually something of value (like a short PDF) that you give away for free in exchange for someone’s email address.

The problem with this is because it’s free the person usually forgets about it quickly, never opens it or isn’t ready to spend money with you.

There is a better way.

And that way is called a Tiny Offer™.

This is an idea that was coined by a good friend of mine, Allie Bjerk – she is known as the queen of Tiny Offers™.

A Tiny Offer™ is a small low-ticket product that you sell on the front end to help qualify people who are potentially serious buyers.

They go from being a ‘free lead’ to a ‘buyer lead’.

Which would you prefer…

A thousand people who have downloaded something for free and probably never opened it or used it.


A hundred people who have bought a small thing from you, have gone through it, and trust you and your credibility implicitly.

I would take the second option every day.

I recently interviewed Allie on Expert Edge Podcast where we explored how to create your very own Tiny Offer™.

>>> LISTEN ON ALL PODCAST PLATFORMS: Episode 179 | Create Your Tiny Offer w/ Allie Bjerk

>>> iTunes ONLY: Episode 179 | Create Your Tiny Offer w/ Allie Bjerk

We go deep into all things Tiny Offers™ during the episode, and she also shared an example of 14 ways you can use Tiny Offers™ in your business. Click here to see the 14 ways

Here are a few of the insights we went through on the podcast…

Tip 1: Include an order bump

When offering something at $27 – $47 you can easily increase your average order value by simply adding an order bump to your order form. Usually, an order bump is something that just adds on to the value of the previously purchased product – In the Conversion Story Formula™ my order bump is a $27 offer Transition Script Template (it’s awesome).

Increasing your average order value is going to allow you to spend more for your “buyer leads”.

Tip 2: Split test everything

One of the mistakes a lot of coaches make is they will launch something and if it doesn’t yield immediate results they’ll chalk it up as a loss. Many times there are just a few tweaks that need to be made to the funnel to get it churning out results.

Test headlines, colors, button colors, upsell offers, order bumps, etc… You’re never done testing. Once something starts performing well, split-test it against the same exact variation but with one small change.

Tip 3: Make sure you lead into your signature program

Your Tiny Offer™ is just the start of your buyer’s journey. It’s the place in which they work out if you are the right person for them with a short result-oriented experience.

From there you should architect a simple journey towards joining one of your signature programs. We explore this idea more deeply in the podcast episode.

>>> ALL PODCAST PLATFORMS: Episode 179 | Building Your Tiny Offer w/ Allie Bjerk

>>> iTunes ONLY: Episode 179 | Building Your Tiny Offer w/ Allie Bjerk


Colin Boyd

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