How to feel confident speaking in public

I’ve had a few moments in my life when I was speaking in public and..

My body literally started shaking.

One time I was holding onto the microphone…

And my hand started shaking so much that…

I had to grab it with my other hand just to get it to stop shaking.

I don’t know if you’ve ever gone through anything similar but if you have you know these moments can feel overwhelming.

Just 1 minute in an experience like this can feel like an hour.

However, it doesn’t have to be like this.

After years of public speaking to now being an in-demand paid professional speaker…

I discovered a number of techniques that allowed me to go from shaking in my boots…

…to confidently speaking and captivating my audiences.

I want to share 3 of these techniques with you today.

1.Humanize the audience

Get to know your audience if you can. Spend time thinking about the problems they are facing… What’s keeping them up at night? Shake their hand and ask them why they came prior to speaking. When you do these things you’ll see that they are humans just like you – with their own set of problems and fears. When you see them this way you’ll humanize them instantly and relax your nerves.

2.Rehearse powerful mantras

The way you talk to yourself has a massive impact on how you feel and act. What you tell yourself instantly affects how you feel. There is sufficient scientific research to show that your thoughts alter your brain chemistry. If you think to yourself that you’re going to look like an idiot your body will literally release chemicals that match that thought – making you feel lousy and unconfident.

Instead start rehearsing new powerful mantras like – I’m a powerful communicator, when I speak people listen, I’m here to serve and help people find the next level, I’m a world-class speaker, etc…

3.Practice till it’s in your body

I personally practice a presentation between 3 to 10 times before I present it in public. You know the old saying that “practice makes perfect” – but in this case “practice breeds confidence”. It’s very difficult to verbalize your thoughts in a stressful situation. You want to practice the speech so that not only is the stress of the presentation removed but the thoughts come naturally and like second nature.

Next time you have to speak on stage or on a webinar…

Practice these 3 techniques prior.

I can guarantee you that your mindset will shift from fear to confidence.

And when that happens, your audience can feel it…

When they feel it, they’ll naturally resonate with you and what you have to offer.

Try it out 🙂

Colin “Stage Confidence” Boyd

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