How to Deliver Clear Messages in Meetings

maglassOne of the most important, underutilised, painful areas in many businesses is how meetings are run. Meetings can be some of the most painful experiences that we have in our day (that’s an understatement ). I speak with managers all over the world, and there’s a similiar message: all of them say that many of their meetings waste their time, make them frustrated, and stop them from implementing their most important tasks.

The reason why there’s so much pain around meetings is usually because managers and leaders don’t follow a framework for delivering their messages and getting their people on board.

Below are the four main frames you must consider when delivering a message in a meeting. Follow these four frames to to deliver a concise and accurate message that engages your staff.

1. Why

  • Why is this important?
  • Why is this relevant?
  • Why is this pressing?
2. What
Here, you articulate the big-picture concept you’re delivering.

For example: We want to deliver a new customer relationship management system by december 2013.

3. How
Here, you must articulate and identify the process and steps you must follow to deliver this project.

  • Systems
  • Steps
  • Structure
  • Process
4. What now
Follow the three D’s:

Deduction — Deduct the ideas that are irrelevant and identify the ideas and steps that are crucial
Decision — Make a decision on what you have decided to do as a result of this meeting
Delegation — Decide who needs to do what

Follow these four frames when delivering your next message and notice how it helps people to understand and take action in what’s necessary, resulting in effective meetings.


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