How to create momentum in your Expert business faster

Have you noticed that there are some people who seem to grow their coaching business really fast?

Maybe they didn’t start out great, but in a short amount of time, they grew their personal brand business while others flounder for years.

There is a secret behind why some grow and others fail.

It’s called the Pattern of Momentum.

This pattern is defined by a Mastery and Dabbler pathway.

You want to make sure you are on the right path.

I share the Mastery and Dabbler pathways on my recent Expert Edge Podcast episode here

Here are some distinctions…

The Mastery pattern is about finding activities that feel uncomfortable but are really good for you and your business.

Then doing those activities over and over again until they become comfortable.

For example, when I first started running webinars, having 100 people sign up was scary. I would feel really nervous and unsure of myself.

But now it takes over 5,000 to sign up for a webinar for me to start feeling nervous.

This is because over time I’ve grown my capacity and used the Mastery pattern in the area of webinar mastery.

The people who struggle in this expert business don’t understand how to grow their capacity. They stay small and frustrated.

It’s because they aren’t following a Mastery pattern, they are using a Dabbler pattern.

I don’t want you to be a Dabbler.

That’s why I recorded this recent episode on the Expert Edge Podcast called: The Secret to Creating Mastery Faster

In this episode you’ll discover:

– Why you might be having success in your health, but failing miserably in your business (and the simple ways you can have success in all areas)

– The key differences between being a Dabbler and reaching Mastery in your business…this will show you exactly how to regain your confidence and step back into momentum

– How to stop your bad habits quicker and start on the right track today (without months of trial and error)

– You’ll walk away from this session feeling excited, clear, and confident to finally become masterful in your business

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Colin ‘Mastering Momentum’ Boyd

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