How to Create High Converting ‘Principles’ in Your Webinars

Have you ever struggled to create webinar content that ACTUALLY converts?

You might feel like your product is great, but creating a webinar that delivers value and also converts clients can be really tricky, right?

That’s exactly how one of my Sell From Stage ELITE™ coaching students, Camilla felt.

She has a great product and every single time she ran a webinar she got amazing feedback, but it just wasn’t converting how she wanted it to.

(bang head against the wall here!!)

So she brought this problem to me on one of our recent ELITE coaching calls.

And I made one simple shift to her content.

A few days later she posted an image of herself drinking champagne talking about how excited she was with the results!!!

In fact, she had tripled her conversion rate.

This short and practical coaching session was so powerful I wanted to share it with you!

Here is the coaching episode: How to Create High Converting Content in Your Webinars

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Colin ‘Content that Converts’ Boyd

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