How To Choose Your Niche

Have you ever struggled to find your niche?

To be honest, it was such a headache for me.

If you spent more than five years trying to find your niche, don’t beat yourself up I’ve been there.

I remember switching from career to leadership to presentation skills to emotional intelligence.

The struggle is real.

On my Sell From Stage Academy™ coaching call with the group yesterday someone asked the question “Should I propose a topic for my presentations to event organizers, or should I just be open to what they need?

Here is the truth.

Almost all of the top speakers and experts in the world will lead with a specific topic.

They aren’t very open to talking about different topics.

It’s so easy to think that if I’m more flexible with the event organizer or more flexible with my audience then I’ll make more money and serve more people.

But the opposite is true.

When you are too flexible, your audience won’t trust you.

Imagine you went in for knee surgery and the surgeon said, “Do you want me to do some heart surgery while you’re in the field also?”

You would freak out and leave, right?

But this is what we do all the time, we say yes I can speak on career development, and if you need it I can also speak on culture, emotional intelligence, and fitness.

Your audience will trust you more when you stand for something.

And generally the more focused you can be, the more cut through you have in the market and the faster you will build trust with them.

Here are three questions to ask yourself for choosing your niche.

  1. Can I help them with this topic?

In other words, do you have the expertise that you need or experience to actually help your audience with this topic? The deeper your level of mastery the greater and faster your reputation will build and the more referrals you get. But don’t wait until you’re an absolute master, start with what you have and build from there.

  1. Can the audience pay for my services and is the audience big enough?

One of the biggest challenges I’ve noticed for experts selling their services is that they sometimes focus on a target market that doesn’t actually have the revenue to pay for It. Or they price their services and products out of the scope of the audience. Selling to entrepreneurs is going to be very different to selling to stay-at-home moms. I don’t think that you can’t make great money from lower-priced audiences. I have a good friend who runs a $2 million business selling low-priced courses to stay-at-home arms to help organize their lives. The goal here is pricing your product based on the audience.

  1. Do you like working with them?

You have to enjoy the people in your audience. If you don’t enjoy working with them then you won’t be able to serve them long enough to become a market leader. I personally love working with coaches and speakers. I know I’m going to work with this audience for at least the next decade. Make sure you choose an audience that you enjoy working with so that your passion stays high and you actually love what you do.

These three questions should help guide you in deciding on where to focus your expertise.

Don’t make the mistake I did for over five years. Don’t let trying to be too many things determine the people.

It does feel scary to choose a focus, but trust me when you do this magic happens.

When I decided to focus on selling on stage, opportunities opened up for me that I could have never created.

When people ask me what I do or who I help a lot of the time I get blank stares.

But for the right people, they instantly say I need your help.

I want that to be the same for you.

Have a fantastic week!

Colin “Choose your niche” Boyd

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