How to build a multi-million dollar membership w/ Bob Heilig

Can I be frank with you?

In this Expert Industry, there can be a lot of hype.

You’ll see people posting on social media about how incredible their life is and how much money they make…to only see their whole life fall to pieces the next month.

To me, that’s disturbing.

It’s disturbing because I feel like in the pursuit of success some lose sight of the true foundations of their life.

I remember speaking with my good friend Bob Heilig.

He was telling me about how he had a Mastermind that was bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars, but he decided to close it down.

…Imagine you decided to close something that was highly successful, was receiving great feedback, and was giving you huge amounts of cash!

Why would you ever close something like this?

Well for Bob it was simple.

He felt like running the Mastermind didn’t allow him to build his life on the values that were important to him.

So he shut it down.

This my friend takes courage.

And even more than that, it takes a conviction about what truly is important.

Part of my mission is to always try to bring you people who I believe are a good representation of this Expert Industry.

And my good friend Bob is one of the finest.

You see after he shut down that Mastermind, he focused on his vision to build a million-dollar membership program.

And that’s exactly what he did.

On the Expert Edge Podcast this week we dive deep into how to build a multimillion-dollar membership and a business that aligns with your most important values.

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In this episode you’ll discover:

– The hidden commitment and strategy it takes to build a multimillion-dollar membership 
(and why most people fail to get that program off the ground)

– How to get clear on your core values so that you actually build a business that improves the quality of your life…as opposed to destroying it

– Why Bob not only closed his Mastermind but also changed his membership at the peak of its success (this story will blow your mind and inspire you to make the decisions you’ve been holding back on for years)

– You walk away from this episode feeling more confident, courageous, and ready to finally build the business you’ve always desired to have.

I trust you’ll enjoy the authentic and engaging podcast that we have this week.

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Colin “build a business you actually love” Boyd

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