How to Become a True Master Coach w/ Joe Pane

I was 27 years old, sitting nervously in a room with 30 other new life coaches.

It was the first workshop that I had ever attended in my journey towards becoming a certified coach.

As I sat in my black cushioned chair I watched the trainer masterfully capture the audience and completely shift our perspective on some of life’s most important topics.

The trainer’s name was Joe Pane. Joe had this effortless way of gracefully, yet firmly directing the energy and focus of the room over 4 days straight!

I remember saying to myself “I want to be like Joe”. Joe was the first person I had met who was a true Master Coach. He has coached over 7,000+ coaches, delivered over 12,000+ hours of group coaching, and delivered over 3,000+ one-to-one paid coaching sessions.

In fact, Joe helped me shift a strong emotional block that was created when I miserably failed in my first corporate job.

That emotional block had caused me angst for years and in less than 3 minutes he made it disappear forever!

The reason I’m sharing this with you is because on the Expert Edge Podcast this week I had the privilege of interviewing Joe Pane all about his journey towards becoming a master coach.

In this episode you’ll discover:

– What it really takes to become a successful coach (and why most people fail to get past the first few years)

– The journey of Ambition to Meaning (this will explain why many people experience success but feel completely empty insides and what you can do to fix this)

– How to grow in emotional fitness and why your ability to manage your emotions is the secret to personal and business growth.

– You’ll walk away from this session with more focus and commitment to becoming the masterful coach you’re destined to be

This interview was particularly enjoyable for me because Joe is not only a mentor of mine but a real friend. I think you’ll enjoy the candor and honesty that this podcast reveals.

You’re about to hear the ‘real’ journey a master coach goes on and how you can achieve this also.


Colin ‘Becoming masterful’ Boyd

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