How Beliefs Are Created – The 5 Stages

“I’m an idiot”

“I’m not a good speaker”

“I’m not a leader”

These are just a few of the beliefs I used to have about myself! 

That is until I realized that I had unconsciously created these beliefs as I grew up & that none of it was true (even though it felt like it was). 

You see, what I discovered (about 20 years ago during my life coaching days) is that we create our identity and beliefs based on past emotional experiences.

The problem though is that these beliefs are created unconsciously.

But what if I told you that you can consciously get rid of any self limiting belief you have and step into a completely new self serving belief?

That’s what I explored on the podcast this week

In order to do that, it’s important to understand how a belief and identity is first created. 

There are 5 stages in creating a belief…

They are:

  1. Emotional experience 

You have some sort of emotional experience. An example of mine would be the time I went to speak in front of my class in 7th grade and completely shut down and started to stutter. I’ll never forget that overwhelming feeling. 

  1. Experience creates a belief

From that experience I created a meaning and told myself that “I was an idiot”. 

  1. You gather evidence to support that belief

Now when a situation presents itself, I would look for evidence to validate that belief. I remember talking with someone who was showing very little interest in what I had to say and from there I started to tell myself it’s because I’m boring or an idiot, etc… None of it is true but our brains naturally look to validate its beliefs.

  1. Belief moves from just a belief to a fact

When we gather enough evidence to support the limiting belief it moves from being a belief to feeling like a true fact. You have reiterated it so many times to yourself that you actually think it’s real. 

  1. Protecting that belief as a fact

That last stage is where you protect that belief to be a fact and you become blind to everything else. Even if a situation occurs that clearly proves the opposite. 

Those are the 5 stages of creating a belief. 

So now I want to help you re-create more empowering beliefs.

I recorded a short new podcast episode called The 6 Steps To Creating & Stepping Into a New Belief.

>>> Episode 150 | 6 Steps To Creating & Stepping Into A New Belief

If you look within you’ll notice that you have quite a few beliefs about yourself. Some of these beliefs may be positive and some may be negative. But what if I told you that – most likely – none of them are actually 100% true? That you actually created those beliefs based off of unconscious responses to past emotional experiences… crazy, right?! In this episode I not only go over the 5 stages that you take in creating a belief but I go over the 6 steps on how to actually shatter old limiting beliefs and step into a new identity that better serves you and the season of your life that you’re in.

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Colin ‘New Identity’  Boyd

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