How to find & tell your signature story in a way that connects and converts

Holy moly it’s lookin hot!

This morning I’m putting the finishing touches on “How to Sell from Webinar & Stage.”

Honestly, it’s looking hot.

I’m gonna share 5 strategies that got results like this…

  • Emma Lewzey –  Overcame her fear of making an offer by hosting her first webinar to get 10 clients into her beta course
  • Julia Kristina –  Finally helped her feel comfortable selling on webinar and got her clients as a therapist
  • Amy Porterfield –  Made $450,000 in one presentation using my formula
  • Bob Heilig –  Took the stress out of his recent live launch to get the best results ever with $300,000+ in sales

I’m pumped to reveal the strategies they used to get these ‘crazy as’ results.

And I want to show you how you can apply them in your webinars and online presentations right now (especially in these current market conditions.)

Because the real truth is that you’ve got a powerful and important message that can still help people right now!

Don’t miss out on today’s free training.

This is the place to click

Talk soon!

Colin ‘Make quarantine fun’ Boyd

P.S.  Let’s be honest, we are all in quarantine together. So let’s make it as productive as we can. See you on today’s free class.

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