From $3K to $84K Virtual Stages Case Study w/ Marco Bernard

A few years into my business I felt really capped.

It was like no matter what I did my income wouldn’t grow.

I tried to reach out to more prospects, I created new courses and I even tried Facebook ads.

But nothing seemed to work.

I hit a plateau and I didn’t know how to get above it

This is exactly how Marco Bernard, our Sell From Stage Academy® student felt.

He was capped at a $3,000 webinar.

(Sure that was a good start for him but he knew that he wanted to make so much more and impact more people’s lives.)

He just couldn’t get above it. In fact, he tried to change how he launched using videos or webinars, or challenges, and nothing made a difference!

That was until he started using Infusion Selling™. (Which is our proprietary system inside the Sell from Stage Formula.)

In fact, the first time he used Infusion Selling™ he went from $3,000 to $48,000.

That’s more than 10 times the results!

Then very shortly he ran an $84,000 launch using virtual stages!!! BOOM!

In this week’s episode of Expert Edge Podcast, I interviewed Marco about his Journey from $3,000 to $84,000 launches using virtual stages.

In fact, he said he has made over $200K in the last 6 months through virtual stages.

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If you feel at the level you’re on and want to know how to break through that barrier then today’s podcast will really inspire you.

We had a very honest conversation about the challenges he was facing and why his results when changing.

I know that the episode you’re about to listen to will help to clarify some decisions you need to make so that your business breaks through the barriers you’re facing.

Enjoy the episode!

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Colin “Breakthrough your barriers” Boyd

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