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Finally! My podcast is live

I’ve got some exciting news for you!

My podcast is live!!!!

It’s called The Expert Edge

You can listen right here!

My goal is to bring you the mindset and breakthrough strategies that have helped me to build a highly profitable and successful expert business over the last decade.

Also, I’ll be interviewing the world’s leading coaches, speakers and course creators. Asking them the questions that you’ve always wanted to hear them answer.

And this launch is really special because…

….I’ve got 5 episodes waiting for you to consume right now.

The topics include:

Building your expert business:  How I started mine and one of the distinctions I made  recently that helped me to find a great sense of peace and balance in my entire life

Consistency and scalability:  You’ll discover the one lesson that took me over eight years to learn. You’ll learn what it actually takes to scale up an expert business

The six levels of persuasive communication:  This is my signature model that takes you through the stages to becoming masterful on webinar and live stage

The future of the expert business:  You’ll get the inside scoop on my thoughts as to where the expert business is going and how to take advantage of the latest trends

Live launch strategies: I share with you the strategies I used to do highly profitable launches and how you can too

Here is what to do now:

  1. Go and subscribe to iTunes and have to listen to a few episodes.
  2. Share it in your Instagram stories and tag me @colinboyd
  3. Rate the podcast and give it a review!

I’m so excited for you to benefit from the podcast and I look forward to being an integral part of your morning walk as you listen!

Kind regards,


P.S. I’d SO appreciate it if you share that you’re listening in your stories and tag me @colinboyd

Click here to listen to my new The Expert Edge podcast

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