Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes On Your Next Webinar


You spent all this time and money promoting your webinar.

You’ve got hundreds registered…

You’ve spent hours rehearsing.

You feel ready.

You’re about to change their lives.


Only ONE person signs up for your course!!!

Well this is the reality of what happened to me when I launched my first webinar.

And can I let you in on a little secret?

I’m glad this happened.

It forced me to really study and research why my first webinar was a dud.

And what I found was 3 glaringly big mistakes that absolutely killed my conversions.

These 3 big mistakes are VERY common… I see so many coaches making them & it’s why I went deep on each mistake during this week’s episode of the Expert Edge Podcast.

Here’s a sneak peak of each mistake…

Big Mistake #1: Overwhelming The Audience

Course creators become obsessed with sharing content that they typically put too much content in their presentation.

You want to put 3 to 5 points in your presentation AT MOST. A good analogy is to give your audience a decadent meal instead of an all you can eat buffet.

I went deeper into working out what content to keep in and what to ditch on the episode. Listen here

Big Mistake #2: Teaching Course Content Instead Of Offer Content

Most coaches naturally go to their course and pull the coolest content and then they share that in their presentation. Unfortunately, this is normally heavy content that overwhelms them by giving them too much to do or too much to think about.

Instead, share content relevant to the offer. Work backwards from your offer and share content that lowers resistance to your offer.

Big Mistake #3: Thinking The Webinar Is Over After Presenting

There are 3 stages to a webinar. The presentation, the Q and A and the follow up. I see too many coaches present their webinar and then that’s it. Nothing else!

Instead, you should present and then answer Q and A live on the webinar. After the webinar is over you should send the replay out and keep it open for an additional 5-7 days for those that couldn’t attend live. You’ll get 50% of your sales AFTER the webinar!

I expand on the mistakes above more deeply during this week’s podcast episode.

>>> ALL PODCAST PLATFORMS: Episode 180 | The 3 Webinar Mistakes The Kill Conversions

>>> iTunes ONLY: Episode 180 | The 3 Webinar Mistakes The Kill Conversions


Colin Boyd

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