Don’t Make these 3 Mistakes on Webinar

Have you ever delivered a webinar that led to no or very few sales?

You’ve done all the preparation, you’ve stressed over what content to share, done all the work to get people to show up and at the end no one joined your program.

You feel like you delivered a ton of value, served your heart out and it led to not much!

It can feel disheartening.

I know exactly how this feels, I remember the online promotion of my first digital course I created six years ago. I had over 600 people go through the webinar and only one person joined.

Although it was great that one person joined, if I was really honest, I was really disappointed.

That was when I got obsessed with discovering the difference between presentations that both entertain and also lead to a flood of new clients who are super excited to work with you.

You see there’s a difference between running a webinar that gets great feedback and running a webinar that gets clients enrolling in your programs and thanking you for it!

If you’ve experienced this disappointment or frustration then you’re probably making one of these three classic mistakes…

  1. Over-teaching your Content

This classic mistake is when you teach information but it doesn’t lead your listeners to desiring the outcome, offer or action you wish them to take.

It’s understandable because most of what you’ve learned about teaching is from the classroom or universities.  Now I love teachers, in fact, I used to be one! (that’s a story for another newsletter) But if you use ‘teaching methodology’ to try to grow your business, you’re going to struggle.

You must master the balance of teaching content so that it’s incredibly valuable, but also moves the right prospects into your programs.

Does this first mistake make sense?

Cool, here’s the second…

  1. Teaching, then selling 

This mistake occurs when you prepare for your webinar or presentation and you design great content then basically ‘whack your offer at the end’.

It creates awkward feelings for the audience and feels even more uncomfortable for you.

You must design your content so that it provides value for everyone attending, but also instills an immense desire for your offer (this is what I call Infusion Selling™ which I am teaching about in the class this week.)

Seeing your ‘teaching separate from your selling’ is costing you and your audience big time.

  1. Using ‘untrained’ intuition

I’m a big believer in following your intuition, but when it comes to delivering a presentation online or on stage you must temper your intuition with formulas that work.

Sure, follow your intuition in regards to the direction of your life and where your business is taking you. But if you just ‘follow what you feel’ when it comes to a webinar or presentation you’re going to get inconsistent results, which you cannot build a business on.

So ask yourself…which one of these 3 big mistakes are you making right now?

– Are you ‘over’ teaching your content which is leaving your audience overwhelmed and indecisive?

– Are you teaching valuable content, then awkwardly trying to sell at the end?

– Are you trusting what you feel too much and therefore seeing inconsistent results?

If you’re making any of these three mistakes (or maybe all of them) you’re gonna love the free class this week!

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Talk soon!


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I’m Colin! I’m an Aussie, but I’m based in Newport Beach, California.
I help entrepreneurs sell from virtual and live stages (without being pushy and sales-y)
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