Do you have these 3 course creation success traits?

Have you ever met someone and just thought…”They are going to be successful!”

Maybe it was the way they spoke, how they looked at you, or their all around attitude.

I was reflecting recently asking myself this question…”What traits do my most successful students have?”

I wanted to identify the ‘learnable’ traits that my students who went on to build 6 and 7 figures businesses held.

I clearly identified 3 traits on this week’s podcast: iTunes link: The 3 Success Traits Of My 6 & 7 Figure Students

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Here are the three traits that I believe my successful students have:

1.Their LEARN:DO ratio is in the right proportion

 Many people in this personal development industry appreciate the value of learning.

But the problem is when your learn: do ratio is out of whack.

In other words, if you’re learning 90% of the time and implementing 10% of the time then as much as you become mentally smarter, you end up making really slow progress.

And the opposite it true also. If you take lots of action, but don’t learn what’s proven to work, you’ll make more mistakes than you need to.

I think there needs to be an equal distribution between learning and doing.

My best students take an idea and implemented it within 24 to 48 hours.

So my question is are you leaning too heavily on the learning?

2.They are committed to a higher standard

Have you noticed that the market leaders produce quality work?

Think about anyone that you look up to in this industry, I could guarantee that the quality of what they do is pretty high.

Their registration pages for the webinars,  their website look and feel, and the quality of their courses and content, all speak to a world-class experience.

I’m not saying you have to make things perfect, but one trait that I’ve noticed that my most successful students have is their committed to presenting a quality brand and experience for their prospects and students.

I went deep into this point on the podcast and unpacked examples of how you can create high quality in your brand: listen here

3.They take energetic responsibility

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and left feeling really drained?

Maybe they were gossiping or complaining about everything that was going wrong in their life and how none of it was their fault.

That’s essentially the opposite of this point.

My most successful students don’t complain, they take ownership for their results.

They are willing to invest and take full responsibility for the results that they get.

To do this, you have to take full responsibility for the results you have to this point…

…For example, if you are making $50,000 in your business that’s because you are showing the responsibilities of someone who makes $50,000 in their business.

It isn’t until you accept responsibility for the results you’ve created so far that you can take a new level of responsibility and see future growth.

I say this with immense empathy and love.

I know exactly what it’s like to feel like my content and ideas were so much better than what I was getting paid.

But it wasn’t until I took full responsibility for the fact that my business was able to grow.

These are three traits that I’ve noticed my most successful students have.

I went deep into these three ideas on the podcast this week so make sure to take a listen today and subscribe.

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Kinds Regards,

Colin “Success Traits” Boyd

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