Deconstructing a $220,000 Webinar with Ariel Garcia

Imagine making more than $220,000 in a one-hour presentation.  That’s exactly what my Sell From Stage Academy® student did recently, (Ariel Garcia.)  In this practical episode, I deconstruct the strategies she used to connect with her audience and get a rush of clients through a unique webinar structure. In fact, she followed the exact system that I teach called “Infusion Selling™”.  This is the system that allows you to provide value but also move your audience towards your offer at the same time.

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In this NEW free 3-part training series you’ll discover: 

  • The easy way to design your Webinar or Virtual Talk so that people ask to enroll in your programs (this strategy is so easy anyone can do it!)
  • The secret to choosing the ‘right signature story’ so that your audience rushes to join before you even make your offer!!!
  • Why ‘selling at the end’ of your presentation is the worst way to convert new clients…and the surprising (and simple) thing you need to do instead 
  • How to go from a fear that ‘no one wants your programs’ to feeling confident in under 7 seconds using the ‘Confident Focus Technique’ – it’s crazy how fast it works
  • You’ll leave feeling clear, confident, and ready to deliver virtual, and live presentations that don’t just get claps, but lead to a flood of clients every time!

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