Creating Your Profitable Personal Brand w/ Mark Lack

Quick (but important) question…

If we were to talk about your ‘niche’, would you be at the top of that list?

In other words, if I was to ask your dream customer if they knew someone that could help me with “insert problem you solve” would they mention your name or someone else’s?

Essentially what I’m talking about is do you have a strong personal brand.

As a coach and course creator, your personal brand is your most valuable asset.

The problem is that most coaches have no clue how to build a profitable personal brand.

That’s exactly why I wanted to interview one of my good friends, Mark Lack. Mark runs an 8-figure personal brand business and he’s one of the leading authorities on how experts can create market authority through a strong personal brand.

Imagine how powerful it would be if when someone thought about your niche, you were one of the top names they thought of.

That’s exactly what today’s Expert Edge Podcast will help you with.

…and the good thing is that you don’t have to have a big following, or big coaching business to start your journey to building a profitable personal brand.

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In this practical interview you will discover:

  • The commonly overlooked (yet simple) ingredients needed for creating a profitable personal brand as a coach and why most people don’t implement them
  • How to create a more scalable personal brand so that you can reach more people, make more money and create the impact you truly desire
  • The journey from going from Unknown to being Unforgettable and why this has nothing to do with your current social media or business success to-date
  • You’ll walk away from this episode feeling clear, confident, and ready to finally build a profitable personal brand as a coach an expert in your field

BONUS: Make sure to listen out for the conversation we have about scaling up an expert business. Mark has a few strategies that will blow your mind.

You’re welcome 🙂


Colin ‘Build Your Brand” Boyd

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