Create Team Contributors


I think there is a lot of talk about how to be a team leader, but how do you be a team member? And what sort of framework should you follow for this?

The model I’m about to share is important for leaders because you can intelligently show them how to be a positive part of the team.

Team Player Model_Colin BoydLet me share with you a framework that I’ve created that helps show team members, in a simplistic way, how they can be a powerful contributor, not a detractor.

3 key elements to being a great team contributor:

1. Positivity. You need to be solutions-focused. As a team contributor, you need to be able to provide solutions, not just come with problems.

2. Vulnerability. Share a little bit of you, your story, who you are — don’t always be a closed book.

3. Responsibility. Own your stuff, own your projects and your mistakes.

When all these three things come together, you get a contributor, who’s likeable, authentic and proactive. These are the three key ingredients to being a great team contributor.

Look forward to speaking to you soon. Look after yourself.


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