[Coach Case study] From 300 to 600K in 3 months

[Coach Case Study] From 300 to 600K in 3 months

Most start out in the coaching industry…

…all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Full of excitement & hope that the life of their dreams is just around the corner.

Only to be slapped upside the head with a sobering dose of reality that there’s going to be a few challenges along the way.

I’ve definitely had my fair share of challenging moments…

From shaking like a feather the first time I spoke in front of a crowd.

To losing about $4,500 on my first webinar launch!

It’s safe to say…

You’ll find no shortage of “challenging” stories from any coach who is brave enough to be honest.

My guest on this week’s episode, Verena Tschudi, is no exception.

Like myself, she came from the corporate world and her transition to the coaching industry was “painful” – as she put it.

But along the way she learned numerous invaluable lessons.

She had been building her coaching program for several years but just really struggled to get momentum with it. She’d also joined a high level Mastermind program that left a really bad taste in her mouth!

Despite this, she decided to join my Elite coaching group where I help coaches and course creators get to the multi-6 and 7 figure level in their coaching business using virtual and live presentations.

When she came to me she was doing around $300,000 a year and within a few months of implementing the strategies we teach, she scaled up to 600,000+ per year.

I had the chance to interview her recently, and she shared her story with lots of lessons that you can apply also. If you want to be inspired to go to your next level and hear a real story about breakthrough, make sure to take a listen to the podcast episode today.

>>> LISTEN ALL PODCAST PLATFORMS: Episode 182 | [Case Study] $300K to $600K in 3 months w/ Verena Tschudi 

Here are just a few of the lessons we talked about:

1. Track your data

When it comes to growing your business, you absolutely must track data! You need to know exactly what is working and what isn’t. From traffic to conversions, you need to know your numbers in order to know where to put more focus. Verena got really clear on the key metrics that would make the biggest difference and very quickly turn them around which ended up doubling her revenue.

2. Have a core premise

This is a concept I really emphasize within The Sell From Stage Academy and it’s all about the fact that your content needs to have a clear purpose. The idea is to hone in on one core idea that your audience needs to believe in order to say ‘yes’ to your offer. Verena got really clear on her core premise which enabled her marketing and webinars to go to another level.

3. Follow a proven presentation system

This is especially true if you’re either new or if you’ve stagnated in your business. Verena essentially implemented a monthly webinar following our virtual presentation system and each time refined it to make it more and more profitable.

I always say this to my students, the revenue is in the repetition and refinement.

That’s just a sneak peak of some of her insights…

To hear the rest of Verena’s tips as well as how she went from $300k to $600k in just a couple of months, make sure you tune into this week’s episode of the Expert Edge…

>>> LISTEN ALL PODCAST PLATFORMS: Episode 182 | [Case Study] $300K to $600K in 3 months w/ Verena Tschudi

>>> iTunes ONLY: Episode 182 | [Case Study] $300K to $600K in 3 months w/ Verena Tschudi


Colin Boyd

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