[Case Study] $191,000 Webinar

Imagine teaching a webinar and making $191,000.

How would that feel?

That in one presentation you sign up a ton of students and create a business that’s thriving.

This is the reality for one of my Sell From Stage Academy® students, Tiyana Robinson.

Now, you obviously know that making that type of money in one presentation has a back story.

In this week’s podcast I unpack for you, my first-ever Sell From Stage Academy® student case study with Tiyana Robinson.

I really wanted to ask her the hard questions around what it really took to run such a successful webinar.

In this honest and helpful case study podcast you’ll discover:

–  The mindset shifts Tiyana had to make to go from doing average launches to multi-six-figures! And why it wasn’t what you might think it was

–  How she used the Sell From Stage Formula™ to finally teach for true transformation – it also led to her most lucrative presentation ever

–  The ‘personal blocks’ she had to get past (which you will definitely relate to) and how she overcame them to create a multi-six-figure income stream

–  You will leave this podcast feeling encouraged, excited and ready to make your next webinar a raving success!

Listen to the podcast: [CASE STUDY] Unpacking a $191,000 webinar

On a personal note, this interview was so meaningful for me.

I got the chance to speak with a woman who has been transformed through Sell From Stage Academy®  (which by the way, is open right now for enrollment for only a few short days)

And even more than that, she is now helping hundreds of students around the world with their businesses and lives.

I hope you enjoy the encouraging and honest conversation we had together.

Click to listen to the Sell From Stage Academy® student case study interview with Tiyana

On another note, I ran the live Sell From Webinar and Stage Class yesterday.

There were hundreds of people live and the engagement was insane!!!

So, I’ve decided to run one ENCORE class early next week.

If you’re interested in learning to master webinar right now, you’re gonna love it.

In this class will discover:

– How to turn any webinar, virtual stage or speaking engagement into a cash machine using the Sell From Stage Structure™

– The secret to uncovering your Signature Story that Sells – you’ll be able to use this in your next online presentation so that your audience is eating out of the palm of your hand

– The Infusion Selling Method™– this is my signature process for connecting with your audience and converting them into clients without being sales-y

– Simple tips for feeling confident, ready and excited to speak in a way that sells so that your coaching, online course, and expert business grows.

I will be running this LIVE ENCORE CLASS in the next couple days, so click below to register yourself.

Talk soon!


P.S.  Due to the current global situation, your clients are online more than ever, that’s why it’s crucial to master webinars and finally learn how to grow your business using online stages.




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