Becoming a Market Leader w/ Britt Seva

Becoming a market leader in the expert industry is no small feat. I believe every coach and expert should have an intention for becoming better in their leadership and even aspiring to becoming a leader in the marketplace. In this episode, I interview one of my good friends Britt Seva who is the number one leader in her industry, and she also runs the biggest multi 7-figure membership program. We discussed her journey from obscurity to market leadership and the challenges she faced and how you can overcome them. Enjoy!

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I’m Colin! I’m an Aussie, but I’m based in Newport Beach, California.
I help entrepreneurs sell from virtual and live stages (without being pushy and sales-y)
I coach thousands of experts, course creators and coaches around the world on this topic, and I’ve also advised the biggest names including people Amy Porterfield, Alison Prince, Carrie Green, Julie Solomon  and many other industry leaders.