Are you making these 3 funnel mistakes

Are you making these 3 funnel mistakes?

As a course creator…

Your funnel is easily one of your most important assets.

Get this wrong & your chances of success plummet faster than my hopes during a maths exam.

(seriously maths was not my friend at university!)


Because this is where you are taking your audience from point A (digitally meeting you) to point Z (becoming your customer).

So it’s essential to make sure you optimize every aspect of your funnel.

From your landing pages to your checkout pages.

Leave no stone left unturned.

This can be easier said than done…

That’s why I invited funnel expert Michelle Fernandez onto this week’s episode of the Expert Edge to discuss funnel best practices and pitfalls. 

To give you a little glimpse, are you making these 3 funnel mistakes?

1. Over-Designing the Funnel Pages

Design is definitely important but too often creators go overboard with the design of their landing pages and/or sales pages. You want it to be attractive but NOT busy. Also, DON’T neglect the mobile design. Here you need to make sure readability (font size) and spacing is optimized.

2. Too many funnel steps

We’ve all been in a funnel that never ends! You don’t know where to click to get out of it, without accidentally buying everything. Dietary supplement brands are notorious for this. Where it almost seems like you can’t get out of the funnel. You’re offered upsell after upsell and downsell after downsell. Trust is lost in the process. Don’t do this.

3. Not enough funnel steps

I know, this seems contradictory to number 2 but there is a fine line between overdoing it with additional offers and not doing enough. At the bare minimum you should be making 1 complimentary offer/upsell after a customer makes an initial purchase. And at most I would say to make 2. In our funnel we have 2 upsells, which is what I teach to my students in Sell From Stage ELITE™.

For more funnel “must-know tips and pitfalls”…

Take a quick listen below!

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So, are you making these 3 funnel mistakes?

After this episode, you’ll be well equipped to avoid them!

Colin ‘Smart Money Habits’ Boyd

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