Are Webinars Dead?

I can’t believe I’m going to say this but…

“Webinars are dead!”



I’m sure you’ve heard some marketers or gurus pushing this narrative.

Most of the time, while they are pushing you towards their webinar to sell you their course. Ha.

I usually have a good chuckle when I see this.

But I want to let you in on a little secret.

Webinars will NEVER die.


…Because Presentations will NEVER die.

Sure webinar softwares will evolve and the way you deliver it will change…

But the art of selling from a Presentation isn’t going anywhere.

I don’t know what the presentation strategies of the distant future will be…

But I do know what works NOW.

And that’s exactly what I want to share with you today.

The 3 big ideas that allowed me to have my first 6 figure webinar (147k to be exact).

1. Do the math

Do the math on what it would take to achieve the results you want. It will take a little estimating at first but after a couple of launches you’ll be able to know almost exactly how much you’ll make on each launch.

I break down the exact process I use on this week’s episode of the Expert Edge. 

2. Build a jumbo jet runway

If you want to do a bigger launch. You need to plan your launch runway like you’re flying a Jumbo Jet instead of a little prop plane. This means you need a longer runway. You need more time to get everything in order for the webinar. Get in order your warm up emails/ads, sign ups, show ups, presentation, follow ups. First time round it can be quite a bit of work, but once it’s done, you can rinse and repeat a lot of the assets for age!

In fact, I just interviewed one of my high level friends in the industry for my Sell From Stage Elite Students. My friend has been doing the same webinar every week for 52 weeks. She makes on average $120,000 per webinar. Yes, you read that correctly.

3. Show up as if the result you want is already true

When I asked myself.. “How would someone who makes $100k show up for their audience? That’s when I started to get different answers compared to the way I was previously showing up. And that’s when things changed.

If you want the full breakdown of each of these steps, then make sure you tune into this week’s episode of the Expert Edge!

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Colin Boyd

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