7 Questions To Get The Most Out Of 2023

This one e-mail can change the entire trajectory of the next 12 months. 

Before you get into 2023, there are 7 questions that you should ask.

These questions will extract the wisdom from last year and help you get the most out of this year.

The biggest mistake you can make is get back into ‘hustle mode’ and basically keep doing what you did last year.

If you do that, you’ll just get the same results, same revenue and same progress.

At the end of each year or start of a new year, I ask myself 7 questions that allow me to dig deep and draw the most out of the year. 

I unpacked these and answered them personally on the podcast this week 

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Here are the 7 questions below…

  • What worked?

Pretty simple, but look back and acknowledge the wins from this past year. What worked for you?

  • What didn’t work?

Similar to question 1 but think about what didn’t work. What were the losses or “failures” from this past year?

  • What are the lessons?

What did you learn from this past year? What did your wins and losses teach you?

  • What do you want to stop doing that would improve the quality of your life?

Look at all areas of your life and diagnose some actions or activities that aren’t congruent with the life you want to live. 

  • If you had a magic wand to make your life and business exactly the way you want it, how would it look?

The more clear and detailed you go with this, the better. 

  • What desires do you have for this coming year?

What are your goals for this year? Think both professionally and personally. And also ask yourself “why” you want to accomplish these goals. 

  • What’s the word or theme for the year?

I always choose a personal word and a business word. For example sake, the word we used for our business in 2022 was “momentum”. We focused on that and kept that in mind with every business action we took. 

So those are the 7 questions!

I recorded a podcast this week on these questions and my answers to them. 

To hear my answers as well as a more in depth take on each question, make sure you tune into my podcast this week. 

I encourage you to take some time and ask yourself these questions.

The deeper and more detailed you go the more clarity you’ll have moving forward. 

And with clarity comes better and faster results.

Colin “Busy Reflecting” Boyd

Episode 143 | 7 Questions To Help You Get The Most Out Of 2023

Podcast Description: 

With the start of 2023 upon us, I recorded a simple yet powerful podcast sharing the 7 key questions I ask myself at the end of each year that really help drive my growth personally and professionally moving forward into the new year. In my experience, all lessons and profit from the year are found in reflection. John Maxwell encapsulated this perfectly when he said “It’s not about getting through the year but getting from the year”.

In this episode not only do I share the 7 questions with you but I share with you my own answers from this past year. Don’t underestimate the power of reflection. It’s the key to future growth. I highly encourage you to go through the 7 questions I’ve laid out and get the most out of this past year.

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