5 Secrets to Scaling beyond multi-6 and 7 Figures in your Expert business

I never saw myself as a leader.

I thought leaders had to be aggressive, serious, and focused.

And I found myself for most of my life being playful, distracted, and happy-go-lucky.

I had a picture of what leadership was…and it wasn’t me.

It wasn’t until several years ago that I started working on my identity as a leader.

For the first time, I became really clear about what leadership looks like for me personally!

This was the definition I came up with…

“A leader is someone who cares, who has a passion to serve people and is willing to be an example of what’s possible.”

Now that is something that I was.

I had a revelation that I was a leader the whole time, but I never saw myself as one.

What’s fascinating is that very quickly I started to attract opportunities to lead more people.

I started advising market leaders like Amy Porterfield, Julie Solomon, Rick Mulready, Britt Seva, and many more in my areas of expertise.

This led to my business scaling and my “Market Leadership” being established.

So I wanted to do a podcast focused on how you become a market leader in this expert business.

And as a result of that make a great impact and a lot of money.

>>>Listen to 5 Secrets to Scaling beyond multi-6 and 7 Figures in your Expert business

Here is a snippet from what you’ll learn in this week’s episode…

1. Dial in one core offer that actually gets people results

I made the mistake from many years of having too many offers.

I had products and services on multiple topics serving multiple audiences.

The problem with this was that I was too many things to many people.

It wasn’t until I decided to go all-in on my 1 core offer, that things really started to improve dramatically.

Finding that core offer can take some time and testing (in all honesty it took me 8 to 9 years.)

But that doesn’t mean it has to take that long for you.

I talked about different ways to identify your core offer on the podcast episode

Rule 2: Make your discomfort mean you are doing the right thing

All of the Magic in your life is found outside of your comfort zone.

One of the biggest challenges in growing a personal brand is learning to make discomfort a positive experience.

On the podcast, I take you through a powerful exercise so that you can quickly feel comfortable being uncomfortable.

3. Step into your Market Leader identity

Everything you’re doing in life right now is a reflection of your identity.

The clothes you wear, how you show up on social media, your income, who you hang out with, etc.

You can’t not display your identity, because it’s who you are.

The secret to scaling beyond six and seven figures is shifting your identity to becoming a market leader.

>>>Listen to 5 Secrets to Scaling beyond multi-6 and 7 Figures in your Expert business

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Colin “Become the Leader” Boyd

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I’m Colin! I’m an Aussie, but I’m based in Newport Beach, California.
I help entrepreneurs sell from virtual and live stages (without being pushy and sales-y)
I coach thousands of experts, course creators and coaches around the world on this topic, and I’ve also advised the biggest names including people Amy Porterfield, Alison Prince, Carrie Green, Julie Solomon  and many other industry leaders.