5 Secret Attributes All High Earners Possess

Almost 9 years into my coaching journey I remember thinking…

“Maybe, I’ll never make it.”

“Maybe, I’ll never hit that magic 7-figure per year mark in my coaching business.”

You’ve probably seen a lot of people talk about it on social media…

(especially the bro marketers!)

But for me, it was more than a number.

It was about proving to myself that I can achieve stuff that previously seemed out of reach.

I used to think these high earners were just lucky or possessed some inherent talent that I didn’t have.

However, in my experience, this is almost never the case.

After running a 7-figure+ business for 4 years now and coaching literally the highest-earning course creators in the world I’ve noticed something interesting.

They all have developed certain attributes.

Notice I said, “developed”.

(meaning you can do it too)

On this week’s episode of the Expert Edge Podcast I go into great detail about these secret attributes that you can develop to level up and take that next step in your business. 

NOTE: I’ll give you a little sneak peak below into these attributes, which are framed as being undeveloped when you are under 7-figures.

Undeveloped Attribute 1: Not enough intensity or volume

For example, I’ve had people say to me how they ran an ad or 2 to fill their webinar and the sign-ups didn’t perform well. When I run a launch or webinar we will test hundreds of ad variations. Mixing and matching headlines, copy, creatives, etc…

Higher level earners tend to do the “thing” 10x more intensely than the crowd.

Undeveloped Attribute 2: Standards are too low

When I started using Instagram, I used to post pictures of me, food, coffee, etc… and it wasn’t growing. Shocking! Right?! That’s until my wife took over and set a higher standard on the type of content we’d share and post… That’s took us from under 500 to 24,000 followers in under 2 years.

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Undeveloped Attribute 3: Not enough planning

As we’ve grown, the level of planning we need is significant. We plan our launches and big business activities at least 6 months in advance. You need to act and plan like someone that runs a 7 figure business in order for it to come to fruition.

Undeveloped Attribute 4: Too attached to failure

Don’t make a failure mean more than it is. Reframe it and see how to make it positive. You have to be very careful about the meaning you place on something that doesn’t go your way – don’t make it mean you’re a failure.

7-figure earners don’t make a big deal out of failure, they take the lesson and then move on quickly. I shared a great story of a client who did this recently on the podcast.

Undeveloped Attribute 5: Doing it alone

Get very clear about what you are good at and hire out for your weaknesses. Top earners I work with actually brag about the things that they aren’t good at while making sure they outsource those same things.

I dive much deeper into each of these attributes in this episode of The Expert Edge.

If you’re a coach who’s ready to develop 7 figure attributes, this episode is a must listen!

>>> ALL PODCAST PLATFORMS: Episode 176 | The Secret Attributes of 7-Figure Coaches

>>> iTunes ONLY: Episode 176 | The Secret Attributes of 7-Figure Coaches


Colin “High Earner Attributes” Boyd

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