5 Lessons That Doubled My 2023 Revenue

5 Lessons That Doubled My 2023 Revenue

What would you do if you had to double your revenue in the next 90 days?

Maybe you’d implement some tested and proven methods like…

Trying to get your program in front of more people.

Or maybe you’d put together a workshop or a live launch of some sort.

All of which are great, and most likely would help.

But they probably wouldn’t be the fastest and surest route to rapidly increased mula!

You see…

If you’re going for speed, you want to leverage your most valuable asset…

Your current customer base.

And you’d leverage it by making them a new offer!

They already trust you and love your content…

This means they’ll most likely eat up a new offer from you as well.

This year we have been able to double our revenue and serve more people than ever before.

And one of the strategies I’ve used is creating a new offer.

On this week’s Expert Edge episode, I revealed 5 lessons that have allowed us to double our revenue in 2023.

But I’ll give you a sneak peek of each lesson below (on the podcast I go into examples you can use in more detail).

Lesson 1: Make a new offer to your existing audience

I already touched on this above already but this is the surest and quickest way to increase your revenue. You of course need to make sure it’s relevant to the needs of your audience. If you want to check out the offer I added this year click here The Conversion Story Formula.

Lesson 2: Realizing that your network is just as important as your skills

Investing in my network like joining masterminds or nurturing my existing network has helped significantly increase my audience size and ultimately my bottom line.

I would hand on heart say that this lesson has been the most valuable to my business success over the last 14 years.

Lesson 3: Move to an evergreen or an automated model once you get something working in a live model

Don’t get me wrong, I still love live launching. Nothing replaces a live launch but it’s great to have automation in between your launches. To be honest with you, I took too long to move to automation.

Once you get some live launch experience working… I really recommend testing an automation series.

Lesson 4: Reinforcing the power of telling stories

Telling stories always makes your teaching more powerful. If you’re a natural teacher and love sharing content, try to work more relevant stories in as well.

I think it’s easy to avoid telling stories because you want to get into your “awesome content”. But a great story makes the content ten times more powerful.

Lesson 5: Your health and your business are ONE system

When you prioritize your health, you’ll bring more energy and clarity to your business. This has been a big focus for me this year and I can’t understate the dividends it has and is continuing to pay.

I highly recommend you check out this week’s episode as I dive into each lesson and how you can apply it personally.

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Much love,

Colin “Double Up” Boyd

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