4 Ways To Overcome The Fear Of Visibility

At the core of visibility is your psychology, your ego. It’s the fear of being judged that can mentally stop you from going to the next level.

As someone who runs an expert business, I understand the importance of visibility. But I also know that visibility can be a double-edged sword. It’s exciting to reach new people and grow your business, but it also means opening yourself up to criticism and negative feedback. That’s why I want to share with you four ideas for overcoming the 4 fears of visibility.

First Fear: Fear of Being Judged

At the core of visibility is your psychology, your ego. It’s the fear of being judged that can mentally stop you from going to the next level. And if you want to grow your expert business to a million dollars and beyond, you’re going to have to face your fear of visibility.

I remember the first time I ran Facebook ads. Up until that point, I had received mostly positive comments on my posts and content. But when I ran my first Facebook ad, negative comments started pouring in. As we spend more on Facebook ads, we encounter more negative feedback. And let’s face it, there are crazy people out there. Statistically, there will always be a few people who write negative comments.

But the reason I don’t write negative comments on other people’s ads or content is that I can empathize with the process of exposure and vulnerability. I know what it’s like to stand in the arena and wield my sword. It’s important to remember that as entrepreneurs, we chose to be gladiators. We chose to enter the arena and compete in the games. So as we move into greater levels of exposure, we’re going to get resistance and negative feedback.

But negative feedback is not failure. It’s just feedback. Sometimes the feedback is viable, like if your checkout is broken or there’s a spelling error. But most of the time, negative feedback is just a reflection of someone else’s insecurities or projections. When you get negative feedback, it means you’re reaching people you haven’t reached before. And when you’re reaching people who are colder to you, you’re going to run into people who aren’t a right fit for you. So don’t take negative feedback personally, just delete it.

Second Fear: Fear of Being Found Out

The fear of being found out has been with me personally for many years. I still experience it to a certain extent, but I’ve gathered enough evidence to prove it wrong. The fear of being found out is the fear of being seen as incompetent, not smart enough, or not good enough. It’s the fear of not being able to help people.

But the truth is, we all have value innately. Every human being has a fingerprint of value inside them. It’s important to embrace this philosophy and understand that we are all special and unique. But we’re also not that special. We all have these fears, and it’s normal to experience them.

Third Fear: Fear of Not Being Enough

The fear of not being enough is another common fear. It’s the fear of not being good enough, not feeling ready, or feeling like we’re not credible or a scam. This fear often stems from past experiences where we’ve made the meaning that we’re not good enough.

But the truth is, you are enough. You are incredibly special and valuable. Breathe in your humanness and understand that you are a normal, empathetic human being.

Fourth Fear: Fear of Not Being Loved

The fear of not being loved is the deepest fear. It’s the fear of being rejected by our clan or tribe. It’s the fear that we are unlovable. But this fear is not true. We are all lovable and valuable as human beings.

So how do we overcome these fears of visibility? Here are 4 ideas:

  1. Embrace your innate value

Embrace the philosophy that every human being has innate value. Understand that you are special and unique, but also not that special. Why I mean by that is you are not that special that you’re the only one that has these fears, you are not alone in this. We all have these fears, and it’s normal to experience them.

  1. Embrace your flaws

Flaws make you unique in the marketplace. This is what qualifies you and makes you you. Your flaws allow you to speak from a depth someone else can’t speak from.

  1. Act like there’s nothing to prove

How would you act if there was nothing to prove? You’d show up as your authentic self, right!? You wouldn’t put on a show, you would connect and resonate. When you turn up with this thought, “I have nothing to prove”, there’s something that attracts people to you.

  1. Acclimatize at new levels each time

When you hit a new level, acclimatize there for a bit and then move to the next level. For example, with ad spend I remember how nervous I was to first spend $3000 on a launch and I stayed there and then went to $10,000 and continued the same process all the way up to $100k in spend.

This is a process and it takes conscious effort.

The fears of visibility are real, but they don’t have to hold you back.

But if you put forth the effort, you’re going to be able to overcome these fears every time they come up!

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Episode 160 | 4 Ways To Overcome The Fear Of Visibility

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As an entrepreneur, the challenges that you have to deal with tend to be a bit more amplified compared to the average joe. For example, most people tend to deal with a certain level of “fear of visibility” but since coaches and experts are the face of their business this fear tends to be exacerbated significantly. What I share with you on this episode of the Expert Edge, is 4 ways to Overcome this fear of visibility so that you not only know how to manage these fears but you’ll also discover how to use them to thrive and level up in your business.

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