4 Tips I Wish My 1.0 Version Had


You know it when you see it.

It’s palpable and almost impossible to fake.

In my experience it comes from knowing what you have to offer is going to have a massive impact on those that apply it.

And that knowing comes from the fact that you’re teaching from experience.

It has worked for you so you know it’s going to work for them.

I often say that your ideal avatar is the 1.0 version of yourself.

For example, the tools and programs that I offer today are what I wish my 1.0 version had.

They are what I had to learn to get to this stage in my life and business.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a successful coach that hasn’t walked the walk first.

My guest on this week’s episode of The Expert Edge, Anthony O’Neal, is a shining example of this.

He went from living in his car, littered with debt to complete financial freedom.

And now he’s one of THE MOST sought after speakers in the area of financial freedom.

Here are 4 tips I wish my 1.0 version had…

1. Get Crystal Clear On Your Avatar

Know exactly who your audience is. Get crystal clear on this. Think back about what challenges and questions you had when you were in that same position. Make sure all of your content is speaking directly to them.

2. Consistent Content

It’s not good enough to just put out some content here and there. You need to be consistent & almost obsessive about it. Everyone I know who runs a successful business has a consistent content strategy. They do whatever it takes to send that email or post that content on a consistent basis, this produces Trust and connection with their audience which then results in sales.

3. Story Telling

Conversion stories are one of the most powerful non-salesy selling tools you’ll ever use. There isn’t a better way to speak directly to your audience while simultaneously moving them to your offers. Adding one or many to your presentations or offers are going to amplify your conversions dramatically.

4. Learn From Someone That’s Been In Your Shoes

This one doesn’t need too much explanation but it’s the most important. Make sure you are learning from someone that has done the thing you’re trying to do!

Now if you want to hear from someone who has walked the walk to financial freedom and sharing how to do it. Then make sure you tune in and learn from one of the absolute best – Anthony O’Neal.

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Colin Boyd

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