4 Ideas To Creating World Class Content

“Content is King”

We’ve all heard the phrase before. 

But if I could, I would change it to…

World Class content is king. 

Or at the very least, “Great Content” is king. 


Because you don’t want to create content just for the sake of creating content.

Content should be created deliberately and with a purpose. 

And that purpose being to attract and connect with your audience while adding striking value. 

I’ve put together a list of what I call the 4 ideas to creating world class content below (I break this down even more on this week’s podcast episode which you can listen to here.)

I use these ideas every week for creating my content:

Idea #1: Stay Inspired

I’m always reading something new or listening to some new podcast or audiobook. This is one of the best ways to get ideas for new content… essentially you are getting years if not a lifetime of someone’s knowledge by reading or learning from them.

Idea #2: Make A Deadline Boss

One of the great things about being a business owner is you don’t have a boss which can also be a negative because there are no hard deadlines set unless you set them. One thing I like to do to make sure I create content is to announce to my audience, in advance, that a new piece of content is coming on a specific date. Once I do that and put that out there, I have to create it!

Idea #3: Use Genius Time

Genius time is working on your content time. Carve out at least 2 hours a week that you dedicate only to creating new content ideas. I like to spitball everything down on a google doc and then organize it in a more logical manner and in a way that is easy to consume and implement for my audience. 

Idea #4: Organize Your Content

I like to organize my content after I create it in a visual way so that when people see the content, they experience the content. Usually the more organized a piece of content is, the more valuable the experience of that piece of content is. I like to use boxes or typical venn diagrams to visually show my content. 

I go over these 4 ideas in much more depth on this week’s podcast. Make sure you check it out!

I hope you take these and apply them!

Listen to episode 154 | 4 Ideas To Create World Class Content

Podcast Description: 

Most coaches understand that they need to create content to attract and nurture their audience but few do this consistently. And unfortunately for them, consistency is where the magic starts to happen. I’ve found the problem lies in not having content creation systems or strategies in place. Once you have a go to process for creating your content then consistency is easy. However, we don’t just want to create any old content, we want to create world class content. In this episode I share with you my process and 4 ideas that I use every week to create world class content.

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Colin ‘World Class Content’  Boyd

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