3 Ways To Re-Energize Your Life and Your Income


It’s one of those resources that as an entrepreneur we sometimes forget to replenish.

Have you found yourself absolutely exhausted?

I know I have…

…Until I made the 3 changes I’m about to share with you.

You see, the problem is that as a content creators your energy is the most important resource you have for growing your business. Which I discuss on the podcast this week

Most of the time your energy is exhausted because you have so many outputs in your life and very little inputs.

And this is how we get ourselves in the draining energy cycle…

You’ll run a launch or promotion (which requires a lot of time and effort) and stay at that same level of stress or effort beyond the promotion.

This is what I call Boundary Creep.

Boundary Creep occurs when you have stretched boundaries in your life to achieve a large project or milestone and well after the project has finished, those boundaries a still stretched.

For example, you started working weekends and you find yourself still working weekends well beyond the delivery of the big project.

This leads to exhaustion, tiredness, and sometimes even depression.

I want to give you hope, because with some small changes you can re-energize yourself and get back into that focused, energetic, and optimistic mindset.

I went deep into some practical ways that you can do this on this week’s episode of the Expert Edge Podcast. Click here to take a listen and subscribe.

Here are 3 ways you can replenish your energy:

1.Replenish yourself with energizing activities

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get in the habit of working all the time and having very little time off.

Because you love your work, right?

Even for me, I find that working all the time is exhausting.

And I love my work.

The whole idea of, “when you love what you do you never work a day in your life” is misleading.

I love my work but everyday feels like work.

So my question is, have you got activities in your life that replenish you, and are you doing them regularly?

For me, it is having a quiet coffee after I drop the kids off at school or going for a walk or run everyday.

When I find myself not prioritizing these, my energy drops and my results can suffer.

2.Reduce the toxins

It’s great to put amazing soul replenishing activities in your life, but if you are putting large amounts of toxins in your body, you’ll feel consistently tired and emotionally flat.

For me the two toxins that I’ve reduced and even eliminated include alcohol and processed foods.

Once I eliminated them from my body it gave me SO much energy. I feel like an energizer rabbit that has just drunk Red Bull (without the Red Bull).

My question is, have you given yourself the gift of reducing or eliminating large amounts of toxins from your body?

On the podcast I went into all the different ways that I found to reduce alcohol and even eliminated it in my life. listen here

3.Prioritize energy above time

I think as entrepreneurs you need to value money more than time….

….But I also think that the next level is valuing your energy above your time.

You can have all the time in the world but if you don’t have the energy to produce your best work, then you still won’t get the results you desire.

Making this mindset shift of ‘your energy is more important than your time’ is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your Expert business.

Practically for me this looks like prioritizing activities and inputs that give me energy even though they take time.

Like I mentioned, I went deep into these three ideas on the podcast this week so if you have been struggling with tiredness, exhaustion or just feeling emotionally flat, then this podcast is going to be a game changer.

Kinds Regards,

Colin “Energizer Bunny” Boyd

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