3 Ways To Make Goal Achievement Less Stressful

Chances are that you’ve had a bad experience with trying to achieve a goal before…

You’ve felt discouraged, stressed out, and all-around crazy trying to meet goals that don’t seem to be happening the way you want them to.

As an entrepreneur myself, I’ve had breaking points where I just feel crap… out of sync with my business.

You might be at your breaking point right now as you read this.

That’s why I want to share with you 3 tips for going after big goals while staying unattached from the outcomes.

This will make the whole ‘goal achievement’ process so much more enjoyable!

#1 Become ‘Curiouser and Curiouser’

The more curious you are the more ‘unattached’ you’ll be. Think of your goal achievement like a science experiment. Increase your ‘wonder and curiosity’ not just your intensity.

You can ask yourself a question like, “I’m curious how X will unfold” so that you are continuously curious and open to possibilities and learnings.

Try not to judge an experience and deem it “good” or “bad” right away, instead think of it as neutral, that it will simply help you direct yourself to your goal.

#2 Work Hard on Your Feelings, Not Just The Goal

How you feel about your activity matters.

Learn to be grateful for the process and progress so far. And remain curious about how the rest will unfold.

Ask yourself questions like, “If this was easy for me, how would I act?” “If I was without fear what would I do and how would I feel?” “If I was absolutely certain of this being a successful outcome, how would I act and feel?”

As you focus on your feelings you begin to get a sense of freedom as your goal unfolds.

#3 Focus On The Path, Not Just The Goal

As an entrepreneur, you have to learn to really love the process, not just the achievement.

In fact, the achievement is very short-lived. The more you fall in love it the process of achieving the goal, the more you’ll create momentum towards your goals.

These tips will help you take in more lessons, more value, and just enjoy your life much much more will you build your Expert and Coaching business.


Best Of: Unattached Goal Achievement Secrets

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3.Quick and easy tips to attract your goals in your life [without bringing up past hurts and failures]

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Kind Regards,
Colin ‘Easy Goal Achievement’ Boyd
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Here is the “Best Of: Unattached Goal Achievement Secrets” episode



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