3 Ways to Instantly Be a Better Coach

3 Ways to Instantly Be a Better Coach

There are 2 secrets to seeing transformation in your clients’ lives.

Firstly, your expertise and advice.

This is the thing that directs them based on your previous experience.

I think many of us are naturally good at this.

However, it’s the second skill that makes the biggest difference.

The second skill is your ‘coaching skills’.

It’s your ability to ask better quality questions, identify limiting beliefs and dive deeper with your clients, that is the secret to seeing deeper transformation.

If you’re serious about growing your expert business, and making a bigger impact with your current clients, then I think it is paramount that you also become an incredible coach.

This week, I’ve been thinking about the power of being a better coach for your clients.

And today I want to help you do just that by revealing 3 big ideas on How To Be A Better Coach.

Idea 1: Create space for your clients

It’s important that you get comfortable with silence and allow your clients to fill the silence with their thoughts. They should do the majority of the talking. It may seem counterintuitive, but holding back your opinion and advice can sometimes be the more powerful option when coaching your clients. As you do this more and more you’ll discern when is the best time to advise and the best time to coach. This all starts with committing to giving more space in a conversation for your clients to explore.

Idea 2: Look for the underlying belief

Turn up your ability to look for limiting beliefs that your client may have. An easy way to spot a belief is by listening for anytime they say “because”.

99% of the time a limiting belief will follow the word ‘because’. Spot the belief, then allow space and ask questions to uncouple the link between the first part of the statement and the part after “because”.

In the Expert Edge Podcast episode this week I went deep into how to spot limiting beliefs. Click here to listen

Idea 3: Ask better questions

One of your main skills as a coach is to learn how to ask transformational questions. There is a great foundational coaching model referred to as the GROW model that will guide you on the type of questions to ask and when to ask them.

I’ve put together my own GROW model pdf for you that you can Download By Going Clicking Here. 

I dive much deeper into each of these ideas on this episode of The Expert Edge.

If you’re a coach, this episode is a must listen!

>>> ALL PODCAST PLATFORMS: Episode 175 | How To Be A Better Coach

>>> iTunes ONLY: Episode 175 | How To Be A Better Coach


Colin “GROWing” Boyd

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