3 Transformative Beliefs To Propel Your Growth

When I first began my coaching journey I had no idea how powerful a ‘belief’ was.

In fact, I had no idea what a belief even was!

Over the years in my study of human behavior, I’ve discovered that your beliefs are the most important factor that determine your success. 

It’s not your circumstances, it’s not your opportunity or lack of opportunity. 

It’s your beliefs.

Your beliefs create and frame your reality and in turn you act from this reality.

Knowing that your beliefs determine your ultimate success I reflected on this question recently….

“What beliefs have framed success and growth in my life?”

I discovered that there were three core beliefs that have served me really well over the past 13 years in growing our million dollar coaching and course business.

I unpacked them in detail on the the podcast this week

  1. Whatever comes my way, I’m ready for it.

Oftentimes, opportunities arise in our lives that we don’t think we are ready for… but the very fact that you attracted that opportunity to yourself proves that you are ready for it. A little mantra I always tell myself when I find myself in these situations is “I’m ready already”. 

  1. I can do anything I want.

What I mean by this is oftentimes we get caught up in the “I don’t know how to do that” or “I can’t do that” way of thinking instead of just taking 1 step at a time in the direction of that particular goal. Not everything is going to come to fruition right away but there is almost always a way to do something. 

  1. Money responds to flow.

When you’re really desperate for money, it tends to avoid you. Think of the pushy salesperson that is almost begging for the sale. Do you want to give them your money or are you a bit repelled? Now think of the salesperson that presents an opportunity to you but doesn’t seem like they are affected one way or the other if you buy. Who are you more likely to buy from?

I go over these 3 beliefs in much more depth on this week’s podcast. Make sure you check it out!

Take these beliefs and make them your own.

They continue to serve me well…

…And I know they’ll do the same for you.

Episode 155 | 3 Transformative Beliefs That Have Propelled My Growth

Podcast Description: 

It’s so important to choose your beliefs wisely as they have the amazing power to dictate the direction of your life. If you believe you’re a successful smart person you’re going to naturally act a certain way that reinforces that belief and alternatively if you think you’re an idiot or a loser you’re going to again act in a manner that reinforces that belief. It’s a self fulfilling cycle even if the belief is completely made up – which oftentimes it is. In this episode, I break down the 3 transformative beliefs that have propelled my growth and allowed me to live a very fulfilling business and personal life.

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Colin ‘Transformative Beliefs’  Boyd

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