3 Simple Ways To Tell More Engaging Stories

If you want to become a more engaging speaker…

The kind where your audience is hanging onto every word you say and then rushing to join your program…

You have to become a better storyteller.

If you look back at any speaker that absolutely captivated you, I’d be willing to bet their presentation had an engaging story or two.

Notice I keep saying the word “engaging”. 

That’s the key to getting your audience to resonate with you. 

The problem is most coaches either don’t know how to tell engaging stories or they feel like they tell boring stories. 

I have 3 insights for you today that will help you tell engaging stories as soon as you implement them. 

Insight #1: Share both the external and internal experiences

When you tell a story you want to describe what you are seeing and experiencing externally. An example of this might be you describing the location you were at, or maybe what you were eating at that moment, etc… 

And then you want to describe internally what you are experiencing at that moment. What questions might you be asking yourself, or what internal dialogue is going on in your head at that moment?

The profoundness of this is when you describe what’s going on externally, you bring your audience into the story. When you start to describe the internal experiences, now the story becomes theirs.

Insight #2: Don’t retell the story – “step into the story”

Get into a state where you actually experience what is happening in each moment of the story. Mentally revisit the experience you had. What were you seeing & experiencing? Feel it and share it. 

Insight #3: Describe what you saw, heard and felt.

You want to do it in that order. This is called the Charisma Pattern. 

You first describe what you saw (the more detailed the better) – instead of saying “I saw the ocean” you could say “when I got to the beach, the water was crystal clear and the waves were towering over the surfers”.

After that you would describe what you heard and what you felt.

So those are the 3 insights that you can use TODAY to tell more engaging stories!

I go over these 3 insights in much more depth as well as my own example of an engaging story on this week’s podcast.

Episode 152 | The 3 Simple Ways To Tell More Engaging Stories (Even If You Feel Like You Tell Boring Stories)

Podcast Description: 

Effective and Engaging storytelling is an art. Most coaches think storytelling is about telling their origin story. Unfortunately the only person that might care about your origin story is your mom! Your audience doesn’t care. If you want to get your audience resonating with you & your offer, then you need to get them engaged in your stories. In this episode, I show you 3 simple strategies that you can implement right away to start telling extremely engaging stories – even if you feel like you’re not a good storyteller. 

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Colin ‘Engaging Stories’  Boyd

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