3 Secrets To Shifting A Limiting Belief

I honestly never saw myself as a leader.

I used to hate those awkward team building activities where you were broken into groups and one person had to rise up and be the leader.

Then at the end, the facilitator says “who was the leader?”….

…Well obviously not me! Thanks ūüėČ

I had this perception that a leader was…

– Intense

– Serious

– Assertive

And I just didn’t identify with those traits.

>>> But there came a point in my business where I realized I needed to own my identity as a leader <<<

The problem was I always just saw myself as this laid back, cruz-y, surfer kid from the beaches of Sydney, Australia.

So it was several years ago I realized this belief about myself WASN’T GOING TO BE HELPFUL ANY MORE!

I started declaring to myself everyday that I was a leader.

In fact, I even started declaring…”I’m a leader of market-leaders”. (gosh that felt uncomfortable)

And to be honest, I wasn’t at the time.

Despite my fears, I started being helpful to market leaders…at no cost.

I would send them ideas, drawing, frameworks, references etc. Things that I knew they would find helpful.

I’ll never forget getting a text message from THE Amy Porterfield asking if I could coach her for her live event and virtual event sales presentations.

It blew me away.

It was at this point I realized I had stepped into my NEW IDENTITY.

Now that led to coaching many other market leaders in selling from virtual stages like Carrie Green , Rick Mulready, Britt Seva, Stacy Tuschl, Julie Solomon, Screw-the-nine to five’s Jill and Josh Stanton etc.

But it all started with me changing my belief and taking courageous actions in alignment with this new belief.

There’s a specific process I always recommend when¬†changing a belief¬†which I went deep into in this week’s podcast.

Here are the 3 steps on a high level…

  1. Identify your current beliefs based on your current in reality (this point will impact you big time when you realize your current result ARE your current beliefs)
  2. Re-create your new beliefs of who you want to be in the next season
  3. Take courageous action in short sprints towards these new beliefs (this is the secret to installing them in your subconscious)

I think at the start of this year you need to revisit your beliefs. This is the exact reason why I devoted an entire episode on the Expert Edge Podcast about it.

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Colin “New Season, New Beliefs” Boyd


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I’m Colin! I’m an Aussie, but I’m based in Newport Beach, California.
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