3 Secrets To An Irresistible Offer

You can have the best course in the world…

… but if you don’t know how to position it, few (if any) are going to buy it. 

In my experience, most coaches that struggle to sell their course actually have pretty awesome programs. 

Their course IS NOT the problem. 

Their ability to convey its value and position it as irresistible IS the problem. 

Having an irresistible offer is the difference between hoards of people buying your product…

…Or crickets chirping inside your members area.

So step 1 is realizing you absolutely need an irresistible offer. 

And Step 2 is knowing how to put one together. 

There are 9 elements that make up an irresistible offer…

… But today I’m going to share with you the 3 most important ones that make up 60-70% of your offer. 

These are:

1. Scarcity

Scarcity is so effective because it shifts the momentum of the offer from you trying to get people to buy something, to the audience feeling they want to get your offer before they miss out on something. Some good examples of scarcity are using a limited quantity approach or a deadline approach.

2. Bonuses

Most people that sell a program include bonuses, but most people include the wrong kind of bonuses. Your bonuses should be very strategic. I like to create 2 types of bonuses. Desire based and resistance based bonuses. 

Desire based bonuses are bonuses that when you reveal it, your audience would pay the price of the program for that bonus alone. An example could be an implementation event. 

Resistance based bonuses are bonuses that address the biggest objections your audience has about your offer. For example, if you’re teaching people how to run a successful webinar the bonus could be how to actually get people to the webinar.

3. Social Proof

Case studies, testimonials, student panels, etc… are all super powerful ways to make your offer irresistible. It is the most influencing factor in people’s decision making process ESPECIALLY before they come to their own decision. So you want to have social proof early on before you ever make your pitch.  

These 3 elements make for an irresistible offer. 

If you have an offer already…

…apply these elements to it right now and watch the magic happen!

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Colin ‘Irresistible’ Boyd

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