3 Insights To Sell High Ticket Programs

About 8 years ago I made a really uncomfortable decision.

But, this decision was the thing that catapulted me from 6 to 7+ figures.

At the time my business was doing well, but I knew I was capable of more…

I knew I was ready for something at a higher level.

Long story short…

An opportunity presented itself to join a high ticket program…

Which I applied for (yes, I had a bit of throw-up in my throat).

I ended up getting accepted and it completely changed my life.

Since that time I have joined about 4 other high-ticket programs…

And for years I’ve been offering my own as well.

What I’ve learned is that a high-ticket program can really grow your revenue fast, if it’s sold (and delivered) in the correct way.

On this week’s episode of the Expert Edge I go over 3 insights I’ve learned over the past few years that have made all the difference when it comes to running highly profitable and successful High Ticket programs…

Here’s a sneak peek of the 3 insights:

1. Shift the energy from selling to auditioning

You want your audience to answer the question of “are you qualified for this program?” It’s not a “join this right now!” approach. It’s a “you must qualify” approach. It’s a weird concept but the energy should be pushing most of your audience away – minus the qualified.

On the podcast, I go deep into a few ways you can do that and the type of questions to ask in applications.

2. Choose a very specific type of person

With a High-Ticket program it can’t be a general “this is for everybody” approach. You want to get as specific as possible. The more specificity you have in your audience, the easier it is to sell it, the more you can charge, and the easier it is to run.

3. Focus on the outcome of the program and not the process.

The higher level you go, the less specific you need to be on the process and the more specific you should be on the outcome of the program and who is in the program. For example, an outcome might be “helping people add an extra 1 million to their revenue to their coaching business”.

There are many different types of High-Ticket offers, and I dive much deeper into them on this episode of The Expert Edge.

If you’re a coach who has a High Ticket Program or is considering adding one in the future, this is a MUST listen!

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Colin “High Ticket Insights” Boyd

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