3 Ingredients of a signature story

Your story is the secret to selling more of your programs. Sharing your story is a core part of becoming a masterful speaker on a live stage or even webinar.

But here is the problem…

You may not know how to tell it in a way that captures your core message and moves people to buy.

 Because the truth is…we are all innately wired for story.

My daughter, Georgia a four-year-old, asks me every night to tell her story. I sit down next to her bed and tell an imaginary story, usually about a rabbit going on an adventure!

Sometimes as adults we think we are too old to tell a story, but my experience has shown that if we know how to tell a story well we can captivate our audience and move them to buy our programs.

Here are the three ingredients that a powerful signature story has:

  1. An Epiphany– the purpose of telling a signature story is to transfer a belief or epiphany that you want your audience to believe. For example, when I talk about speaking and selling on a stage I will share a story about when I first experienced the dramatic improvement in my business by using a live stage.
  2. Some Vulnerability – humans connect with other humans. When we are perceived in a story as being superior, a disconnect will occur between you and your audience. Share the internal and external challenges that you experienced through your signature story. This will make your audience feel significantly connected to your journey.
  3. Triumph or resolution – every signature story should have a triumph or resolution in it. If you share a story that has a lot of challenges but lacks resolution it becomes drama on stage. That’s not attractive. Sure it might get some views, but it won’t position you as an expert in the area.

These three ingredients are crucial for you to connect with your audience and transfer the beliefs that they need to have in order to say yes to your products or even ideas.



I’m Colin! I’m an Aussie, but I’m based in Newport Beach, California.
I help entrepreneurs sell from virtual and live stages (without being pushy and sales-y)
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