3 Ideas That Lead To Positive Mindset

This is ripe in most entrepreneurs…

You set a lofty goal.

You worked really hard to achieve the goal.

Possibly even spent years working towards it.

And then one day… Wallah!

You achieved the goal.

And what should have been a celebratory moment…

Instead, it became a question of “what’s the next goal?”

This my friend is what’s called focusing on the “gap” instead of the “gain”.

It’s a mindset issue that robs you and me of momentum, satisfaction and fulfillment.

This idea of the “gap and the gain” is something that Dan Sullivan created and it has had a significant impact on me over the last 12 months.

So much so, that I wanted to dedicate an entire podcast episode to some of the principles that Dan has talked about in his books and how they’ve applied to my life and can be applied to yours.

ALL PODCAST PLATFORMS: Episode 187 | The Secrets To Always Having A Positive Perspective

>>> iTunes ONLY: Episode 187 | The Secrets To Always Having A Positive Perspective

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the positive mindset ideas I discuss on the episode…

1. Always measure backwards

This is where the concept of the “gap” and the “gain” come into place. Essentially what you want to do is measure your progress by looking backwards, instead of looking ahead to what is next. Of course it’s important to set goals, but don’t get lost in just looking ahead – ask yourself “where was I in this specific area 90 days ago?” The only way to determine success is by looking backwards and noticing the progress.

2. Transform past experiences into gains

We’ve all seen the stories before where someone had a negative experience, possibly traumatic, and instead of letting it get the best of them, they rose above it and turned it into something positive. The experience you go through is not the important thing, the meaning you give this experience is. In the podcast episode I dived into some crucial questions you can ask yourself to turn any negative past experience into a positive one.

3. The activities and things you take on, will shape you into a different more evolved version of who you are

The things we do in our lives shape who we become. Whether it’s our personal life or business life. For example, when we do a launch and you want to take it to another level, whether or not you reach that level, the very activity of trying to get there changes the essence of who you are.

One of the secrets to becoming a bigger and more dynamic individual is allowing yourself to experience next level activities and projects.

I think when you combine the principle of ‘measuring backwards’ and allowing yourself to step into the next level activities, you become a more mature and evolved individual.

This means you contribute more to the world, make a bigger impact and ultimately make a heck load more money.

For way more depth and practical applications on each of these ideas…

Tune into this week’s episode of the Expert Edge.

>>> LISTEN ALL PODCAST PLATFORMS: Episode 187 | The Secrets To Always Having A Positive Perspective

>>> iTunes ONLY: Episode 187 | The Secrets To Always Having A Positive Perspective


Colin ‘Find The Gains’ Boyd

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