3 Easy Ways To Feel Confident Speaking On Webinar

As I walked onto the stage and saw the 137 people in the audience looking at me I started shaking.

My stomach was turning and my hands were quivering holding my notes.

That 60-minute presentation felt like 60 hours!

Fast forward a few years later and I stepped onto a stage with 5,000+ people in a big stadium to speak.

I felt calm, confident, and ready.

I spoke and even made an offer that generated $90,000 in 24hours.

The journey from fear to confidence was not a fluke.

In fact, it’s built over time on solid principles.

Here are 3 ideas to grow your confidence when speaking on virtual or live stages…

1.View your presentation as a conversation, not a formal presentation

When you see your presentation as a conversation it feels less frightening. Even though most of the time the conversation is one-way (you talk, the audience listens), it helps to make it feel more casual and less intimidating.

2.Get your content in your body

The more you practice the more you’ll get your content ‘in your body”.

This means that you’ll be less concerned about ‘what to say’ and more present with your audience.

3.Have talking points, not scripts

I get this question a lot from my Sell From Stage Academy® students. “Should I read from a script for my webinar?”

Answer. No.

You want talking points. There are some specific times in your webinars where you’ll want to hit some exact phrases, but overall you’ll want your presentation to feel conversational, not robotic.

This will help your confidence and improve your delivery.

In fact, in this week’s interview on the Expert Edge Podcast, I’m coaching one of our students to improve their confidence and offers

Take a listen here: [Coaching] Overcoming Mental Barriers To Making Offers w/ Ariel Garcia

This episode is short and sweet as you get an insider’s look into a common struggle you’ve probably faced yourself: Confidence in Your Offer. If you’ve felt uncomfortable with your offer price tag and are in a rut of self-doubt, this Sell From Stage ELITE coaching call snippet will unlock your chained perspective so that you can get the confidence you need to be able to move forward and scale your business to the next level. 

As you listen to this episode you’ll discover:

  • How to move past limiting beliefs about what’s possible for you and your offers
  • The practical steps as an entrepreneur to create a mindset of gratitude [without the burden of comparison culture]  
  • Quick and easy tips to attract your goals in your life [without bringing up past hurts and failures]

>>> Listen on iTunes podcast to “[Coaching] Overcoming Mental Barriers To Making Offers w/ Ariel Garcia”

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Kind Regards,

Colin Grow Your Confidence’ Boyd
Creator of Sell From Stage Academy®

P.S. If you have ever struggled with your confidence when making offers, you’re going to love this short and sweet episode where I coached my student out of their head and into their confidence.

>>> Listen on iTunes podcast to “[Coaching] Overcoming Mental Barriers To Making Offers w/ Ariel Garcia”



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